In the blink of an eye…

A fever kept you home from school today.  It left your body exhausted, unable to do little more than burrow under the blankets I layered on top of you.  You had the chills and required constant temperature checks and doses of Tylenol.         

But that fever also meant you were with me all day.   It meant my day full of errands shifted into focus entirely on you. It meant you fell asleep with your head resting on my chest just like you did when I rocked you to sleep all those years ago. When was the last time that happened?  Did I blink and miss it?

I listened to you breathe in and out and I said a prayer of gratitude for each breath.  I studied your face committing it all to a place in my heart that holds memories too precious to be held anywhere else.  Because tomorrow comes and today’s opportunity will be gone.  And today I was reminded that in a blink of an eye everything can change.  

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